Aviation Brokerage

With extensive experience and expertise in the aviation business, AirLike can provide helicopter, private jet and executive airliner charter flights.

We provide private jet charters to business professionals in order to best leverage their time and maximize their productivity. Traveling by private jet is the easiest way to get executives and senior managers to where they need to be safely and in comfort.

Private jet hire is also perfect for your leisure pursuits, providing luxurious, comfortable and private travel. Whether it is for a weekend city break or a family holiday, we will choose the best aviation solution for you, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey.

Cargo Charter Brokerage

With our broad range of cargo aircraft partners, we offer exceptional and unrivalled charter cargo brokerage services across the globe. Time-critical cargo charter, onboard courier solutions, dangerous goods and hazardous materials shipments as well as the transportation of heavy and outsize items are the most important cargo brokerage services we offer.

Aircraft Appraisals and Valuation

AirLike offers certified aircraft appraisals and valuation services that help our clients to get an unbiased opinion of the value of their aircraft and its current condition.

Aircraft Sales

Selling a pre-owned aircraft can be a very complex activity. Our in-depth experience and business know-how make us equipped to professionally guide our clients through the selling process. From the listing and the marketing process to when a buyer is found, we will carefully coordinate all the contractual negotiations and necessary regulatory procedures.

Aircraft Market Research and Analysis

With our seasoned consultants, we can provide researches and analysis in different niches of the aviation industry. AirLike couples the insights of its own in-house market researchers with the outside financial experts and economists in order to advise its clients.

Aircraft Selection and Acquisition

The first step in the aircraft’s selection process is to carefully understand the client’s exact aircraft and usage requirements and define a comprehensive needs assessment.

From the aircraft selection to the acquisition process AirLike acts on behalf of our customers as their exclusive agent. Our objective is to provide our clients with detailed, unbiased and accurate information that will allow a fully informed decision as far as an aircraft acquisition is concerned.

Once the type of aircraft that match your requirements has been identified, we will take care of everything on your behalf to ensure a smooth acquisition process including all the contractual negotiations and necessary regulatory procedures.